School – Wide Positive Behavior Support

The School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program combines both therapeutic and positive intervention strategies in order to assist our students in developing the skills needed to become responsible and independent individuals. We believe that all students require a concise and comprehensive plan for growth that leads to social adaptation and emotional stability. The following are the components that comprise our Positive Behavior Support Program:

The Positive Behavior Improvement Plan – The Positive Behavior Improvement Plan is developed to provide each student with positive social and emotional experiences through a system of ongoing planning, implementation, and review. The plan addresses each student’s needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses as specified in the district’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Positive Reinforcement – Palisades Regional Academy recognizes that incentives and rewards are strong motivators for success. Therefore, an added feature to the program is a system that reinforces (rewards) students for achieving their behavioral goals. Students keep track of their progress by earning points based on their plan goals as well as moving through a series of “Phases” that requires pro-social behavior in order to be successful. As students progress, obtain more points, and move to higher phases, they gain self-confidence and self-esteem thereby leading to more success.