Palisades Regional Academy is an approved New Jersey Department of Education school providing a continuum of services for students with behavioral disabilities. Admission to the Palisades Regional Academy begins with our receipt of a Student Referral Packet from the Child Study Team of a local school district.  The Student Packet should include the following information:

  • Most recent reports and evaluations
  • A current IEP
  • Information regarding the most recent placement

Once our team reviews the information and determines that the student is a good candidate for an interview, we make an appointment with the student, family, and Child Study Team.  The purpose of the interview is to give the student and family an opportunity to see and understand our program while allowing our team to assess whether our school would be beneficial to the student.

Upon conclusion of the interview, our Admissions Team meets to discuss the student’s candidacy and informs the Child Study Team, in writing, of our decision.