Goals and Mission


The Palisades Regional Academy recognizes that the most important goal of any high school is to graduate each of its students with all the skills and knowledge needed to lead a productive and fulfilled life. For nearly four decades our New Jersey Department of Education approved school has been graduating students with their high school diplomas by providing them with core curriculum instruction, mental health support, and transition services that prepare them for life beyond high school. With students finding it increasingly difficult to find jobs, overcome barriers to employment, and career paths in post-secondary education, we recognized the need to significantly expand our transition services. Toward that end, the Palisades Regional Academy has collaborated with Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and New Jersey, a recognized leader in workforce development for people with disabilities, to implement an innovative school-to-work program we call “Pathways to the Future”.  By having our school located in Goodwill’s northern New Jersey headquarters in Harrison, New Jersey, we are able to in one environment integrate the best practices and techniques of special education and work readiness so that upon graduation, our students will be prepared for competitive employment and/or post-secondary education.


To provide an educational and therapeutic environment that helps our students develop the academic, social, and life skills needed to become independent and successful.